What does the study team say about ActWELL?

Here four study team members speak about the ActWELL study. Professor Annie Anderson is the Chief Investigator of ActWELL and she is a Public Health Nutritionist and Dietitian. Professor Anderson has worked together with Professor Shaun Treweek, Chair in Health Services Research, Mrs Jane Macaskill, who is a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon, and Amy Hickman, Senior Public Health and Wellbeing Officer with Breast Cancer Now, on the ActWELL study.

Firstly, the team explain why they think the ActWELL study was needed.

In the clip below the team talk about what they each think are the key innovations in ActWELL.

In this clip Amy describes her role in the ActWELL study and how she supported BCN lifestyle coaches.

Here the team discuss why the ActWELL study is different.

Amy describes what the BCN lifestyle coaches gained from taking part in the ActWELL study.

Finally, the study team talk about what comes next for the ActWELL programme.

What do women who took part in the ActWELL study say?

We spoke with three women about their experience of ActWELL, meet Audrey, Sue and Elizabeth.

Below, Audrey, Sue and Elizabeth explain what they gained from being participants in the ActWELL study.

In the video clip below the three ActWELL participants explain why they think other women should do the ActWELL lifestyle programme too.

Here Audrey, Sue and Elizabeth describe what they enjoyed the most about taking part in the ActWELL study.

All ActWELL participants had a BCN lifestyle coach to support and guide them through the programme. Here the three ActWELL particpants explain what it meant for them to have a BCN lifestyle coach.

What do Breast Cancer Now volunteer coaches say about ActWELL?

Below are five Breast Cancer Now (BCN) lifestyle coaches who talk about ActWELL from their perspective. Our Breast Cancer Now partners interviewed Elaine, Jackie, Angela and Christine and we talked with Linda.

Firstly, Linda talks about why she became a BCN volunteer coach in the ActWELL study.

Linda’s message to anyone considering becoming a BCN lifestyle coach.

In the next video clip below, Elaine, Jackie, Angela and Christine talk about what they enjoyed the most as BCN lifestyle coaches in the ActWELL study.

Here Linda talks about what she got out of being a BCN lifestyle coach in the ActWELL study.

Lastly, Angela, Jackie, Elaine and Christine also explain what they personally got out of being BCN lifestyle coaches in the ActWELL study.